Big Goal Update – April 2019

Erin Swenson
Published on April 3, 2019

Big Goal Update – April 2019

It has been over a month since I made my 2019 goal public! I have been absolutely blown away by the positive response and encouragement that I have received from everyone. From the calls, texts and messages from my colleagues, clients, friends & family to emails and Facebook messages from complete strangers who somehow saw my post. Your encouragement means more than you will ever know! Thank you all for validating that this is an important and worthy cause. I am still so incredibly excited and motivated to make it happen!

As of today, I have been able to donate a total of $3500 to Custom Canines Service Dog Academy. I have closed 7 transactions and have another 6 homes under contract for my amazing Buyers and Sellers. I am also currently working on finding homes for several additional new clients. I truly feel like I am off to a great start and am feeling really confident about reaching my goal in 2019! Thank you to all of my past clients, friends and business partners that have reached out to me with referrals in the last few weeks and to everyone who shared my post and wrote reviews!

Several people that read my original post have asked if they can donate directly towards my goal. This was a totally unexpected and unintended response to my post. My first was response was “No…I want to do this all by myself”, but I quickly realized how selfish that thought was. Why would I want to stop someone from helping me reach this goal and get a service dog into the hands of a veteran even quicker? Who knows….maybe we can even sponsor more than one dog? Custom Canines Service Academy has graciously set up a link for people to securely donate directly to this sponsorship. If you feel moved to do so, here is that link for direct donations:

CCSDA-Erin Swenson Sponsorship Fund

As a reminder, here are some other ways that you can help me to reach this goal!

  • Referrals – I do not advertise or pay for leads. My business has been built on referrals from past clients, friends and family. I am so incredibly thankful for this. So I just ask you to please pass along my name and contact info when you hear of someone you know wanting to buy or sell a home. 
  • Online Reviews – Online reviews are so important these days. Buyers and Sellers tend to do a lot of research before ever reaching out to a real estate agent for the first time. If I have helped you buy and/or sell a home in the past, could you please take a few minutes and add a 5 Star review to one or more of the many online sites listed below? The links will take you straight to the page to leave a review. (Zillow, Facebook,, Google & Yelp are all great ones). If you only want to do it once, Zillow is the one I would recommend.
  • Stay In Touch – Look for updates via email, social media and even snail mail. I will be sending out regular communication about the progress of my goal. I would love your continued encouragement as I work towards this goal that is so incredibly important to me.  Fear is bound to get the best of me at some point this year. Knowing others are cheering me on and also believe in this mission will be a huge part of my success.
  • Learn – I encourage you to learn more about the amazing things that Custom Canine Service Dog Academy is doing in our local community. There are many way to support them outside of my own personal goal.  Here is a link to other ways you can help them out – 
  • Donate – If you feel moved to do so, here is that link for direct donations: CCSDA-Erin Swenson Sponsorship Fund